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The Temple of Jupiter Melichios (Asclepio)

Regio VIII   Insula 7.25

The name of the temple was discovered thanks to an inscription in the Oscan language found on the Porta di Stabia gate. This cult enjoyed a particular following in Pompeii due to trade links with Magna Grecia, where it was fairly widespread. A Nucerian tuff-stone altar stands in the courtyard and dates back to between the 3rd and 2nd centuries B.C..

The temple itself stands on a tall podium with four Corinthian columns at the front and two at the sides, behind which was the cella where terra-cotta statues of Jupiter and Juno and a bust of Minerva were found.

The discovery of the divinities of the Capitoline triad, who were worshipped in the Capitolium in the Forum, suggests that the cult had been temporarily transferred here after the earthquake of 62 A.D. while restoration work was being carried out on the main temple.

The Temple of Jupiter Melichios
A statue of Jupiter Meilichios at the Archaeological Museum in Naples
Imaginary reconstruction of the Temple of Jupiter Meilichios
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