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The House of the Silver Wedding

Regio V   Insula 2.2

This house was named in honour of the Italian royal couple, Umberto and Margherita of Savoy, on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary in 1893, the same year in which the house was discovered.

It is located in the last side street off Via Vesuvio, next to an area which has yet to be excavated. It was built in the 2nd century B.C. and is distinguished by its high Atrium with four large Corinthian columns which support the roof, and its bedroom where the sunlight was filtered by means of veils. There are two gardens. The first is in line with the Atrium and has its own private bath-house and open-air swimming pool, a large kitchen and garden and an elegant living room. The latter was decorated with a Mosaic floor and second style paintings and has four octagonal imitation porphyry columns supporting a barrel-vaulted ceiling.

The ceiling of the Peristyle is higher on the side which receives most sunlight in order to provide a particularly pleasant area to sit on winter days. The second garden, which is much larger and completely surrounded by a wall, has a pool in the centre and an outdoor Triclinium.

Cubiculum decorated in the second style
The impressive tetrastyle atrium in the House of the Silver Wedding
The room with octagonal imitation porphyry columns
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