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Orto dei Fuggiaschi

Regio I   Insula 21

The name given to this rural dwelling reflects the dramatic events that took place in its large vegetable garden. The house is situated in the area around the Large Palaestra in the vicinity of the Porta Nocera gate.

More than any other, the scene which unfolds in the Garden of the Fugitives revives the full horror of the tragic death suffered by the inhabitants of Pompeii during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

We can see the plaster casts of the bodies of thirteen people, among them whole families of young people with their children, who met their death while trying to save their lives by fleeing towards the town gates in the direction of the sea.

The bodies of eleven other victims, including a pregnant woman
he Garden of the Fugitives. This group of victims of the eruption was discovered and unearthed in 1961
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