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Temple of Fortuna Augusta

Regio VII   Insula 4.1

Leaving the Forum now and heading along Via del Foro to the corner of Via della Fortuna, we find the Temple of Fortuna Augusta built at the expense of Marcus Tullius, a relative of the famous orator Cicero. This benefactor, an eminent citizen of Pompeii and twice Duumvir in the Augustan age, even went so far as to create the position of ministers of the cult.

The temple thus acquired a political connotation, which was spread through the diffusion of the imperial cult. Hence whenever a new emperor succeeded to the throne, the ministers immediately had a statue built and placed in the temple along with a stone slab to commemorate the event.

This fairly small building, which was destroyed during the earthquake of 62 A.D. and was never fully rebuilt, had the same architectural layout as the Temple of Jupiter in the Forum. The cella was situated on a high podium and could be reached via a staircase containing a platform on which the altar stood. A niche on the rear wall of the cella housed the statue of Fortuna Augusta while honorary statues were placed in the four side niches.

Imaginary reconstruction of the Temple of Fortuna Augusta
The Temple of Fortuna Augusta
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